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AFA Electronic Recyclers of CT. offers “A Free Alternative” (A.F.A.) for CT. businesses to have their unwanted, obsolete, and non-working computers -electronics picked-up and properly recycled safely, legally, and Free of charge. AFA computer recycling procedures have been established through the guidelines set forth by the State of CT. for secure computer disposal – specializing in computers, laptops, servers, main-frame systems, and all other related gear associated with it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I safely dispose my computer or laptop? What about my personal information or computer data?

The safest way to dispose of computers and computer data is AFA Electronic Recyclers. All data embedded devices, like hard drives, are first dated and logged into our secure asset disposition database. Next, the hard drives are rendered inoperable through dismantling, removing the printed circuit board and the aluminum housing, to expose the “data platters”. These “data platters” are then shredded to a pulp!…with no exceptions! Or you can take advantage of our on-site hard drive removal service.

Where can I recycle my computer in CT?

How about AFA gaylord program? – it’s a convenient way for businesses to have a designated spot in their facility for the gaylord and can fill at their convenience, then call us for pick-up.
For more information or to schedule a pick-up please call AFA @ (203) 421-4187